"Working with Lidia has been amazing! We started working together after I went through a horrible health issue that physically and mentally impacted me in a multitude of ways.
Lidia is gifted in being able to listen to the body and address issues that I am not even aware of yet. She listens before each session to any physical concerns I may have and always works to address them. After a treatment I feel such a sense of relaxation and calm as well as a significant reduction in pain.
I always look forward to our sessions and will continue to work with Lidia through my healing journey. Her treatments have been instrumental."
~ Ashley P. 

"I’ve been working with Lidia for a few months and has been a wonderful experience. She’s professional and knowledgeable about different techniques that will aid in me feeling better. The atmosphere created makes me feel safe and relaxed because,
I know she will take good care of me.
I will definitely return soon."
~ Shanwtay M. 

“I’ve worked with a lot of energy healers and body workers in my life and Lidia is a true stand out. Her wisdom, power, love, and openness come through in every session. If you want to feel deeply cared for and supported, she’s your woman.”
~ Elizabeth DiAlto, creator of Wild Soul Movement + Founder of The Institute for Embodied Living

"Don’t be fooled by this cute unassuming one. I had one of the most beautiful sessions with Lidia who not only made me feel relaxed, safe, and calm, she called in one of my most special loved ones in my life- my Grandma Rose. Miracles happened and Lidia picked up on my inflammatory bowels which she immediately sensed where it was coming from, and I have been so grateful to follow her suggested remedy or it could have been worse. Beautiful soul, you’re in guided, loving hands." ~ Ester M. 

“Lidia Santiago is an amazing multi faceted healer with an image ability to read the emotion, physical and esthetic body.   My sessions with her never cease to amaze and enlighten”  ~ Maria M. 

Omg… Where do I begin? 
Let me start by saying that Lidia is a Gift. 
Her heart, her kindness, her generosity and genuine and expansive knowledge is fkg mind blowing. 
 I have been a massage therapist for over 20yrs, and it is rare that I can truly rest, fall apart AND be put back together in the span of a 1-2hr session. 
And well… EVERY healing session with Lidia is like this. 
Sure, she is a massage therapist, but she is so. much. more. 
Lidia is a healer thru and thru. And I consider myself incredibly blessed to have her on My team of healing supporters. 
I highly recommend that You ask her to be on Yours as well!!
~ Tyra S.